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Two amazing card commissions I got from Siins and Cigar-Blues! ~

Anonymous said: (Truth) Ah, Mr Breyos. Deja-vu, and here we are once more. But what is your interest? Expedition or exhibition, or something..else? What is it that you -really- want?

"The chain of events in my life have brought me to where I am today. Some of these events I was willing to follow, others were bestowed upon me. I have few regrets when it comes to the path I’ve chosen to walk but there’s always room for improvement.

My days of exploration are over. There is no reason to cry over spilled milk. The museum now holds my priority. Perhaps I’ve found my calling…”

Y_R 27_980-376 (Part 2 - Pythtech)


S:// Recording Begins:

Office of the Minister for Growth and Renewal

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Your Minister and Functionaries

B. Vesalius 
Age: 49
Function: Minister for Growth and Renewal 

"A flock of sheep need a shepherd."

Y_R ‘Wire’
Age: 40
Furtherance: OP Management / Selective Media Presentation / Propaganda Mechanics

"Happiness through compliance. Compliance through Opinion Management."

D_R 'Dear'
Age: 19
Furtherance: Literature / Linguistics / Secretarial

“‘Rabbit underground, rabbit safe and sound.’”

I_V ‘Ivy’
Age: 29
Furtherance: Mass Psychology / Accountancy / Ideological Adherence

"Knowledge is more important than imagination."

Anonymous said: So you have experience with the Nether, are there any other dimensions you've been to or heard of?

"I’ve heard of many others. Xeno- and Micro Biomes was not exactly my favorite class in school but it had proven its worth after all. But apart from the Nether, I haven’t been to others. My time in the Nether was cut short after some… troubling events. I haven’t gone back since. Besides, I’m not sure my insurance will allow me even if I wanted to."

Anonymous said: Truth - Breyos Vesalius - What is your reaction or procedure to/for Silverfish?

"Annoying pests they are. I had the misfortune of several silverfish nestling in my concrete floor once. Of course I called an exterminator but that epidemic did end up with me having to replace the entire floor. Needless to say I’m not a big fan of silverfish."


Please preface questions with “Truth”

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Y_R 27_980-376 (Part 1)


S:// Recording Begins

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The Ministry of Growth and Renewal Functionaries have Furtherance to the highest levels in their field. The State is Mother. We are pleased to serve the State.

It. Is. (for 99%). Done.